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Turn Your Phone On and Off. In Power Save mode, your phone searches for a signal periodically without your intervention. You can also initiate a search for Sprint service by pressing any key (when your phone is turned on). Your screen remains blank while your phone is off (unless the battery is charging). Wake Up the Screen. If you donWill phone power on without battery? When i got out my phone was off so i tried to turn it on but nothing happened. I took the battery out and tried again and still nothing. will it work without the battery or is that completely out of the question? (so i know if i should stop trying) sorry for the wall of text. sprint lg g3 ls990. 6 turn on lg phone without battery

Oct 23, 2014 [Q how to run a phone without battery only by connecting charger Questions and Answers

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Why doesn't a mobile phone work with the battery removed, but charger connected? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 6 Answers. the voltage never comes up enough to turn on the main current. If the phone circuitry is connected across the battery, it can't run on the small initial current that is all the charger allows it. Can I use my Android Oct 04, 2016 Because my first video wasn't clear, I decided to make another video. If you are finding a way to use your phone, possibly because your battery is dead, youturn on lg phone without battery May 18, 2014 How to Use Phone Without Battery. 132, 523. 115. 49. I could use it without a battery, but I'm not sure what's the difference if I want to use the USB socket of the phone for energy supply. So I'd like to avoid using a new cable for the power. 1 reply diymaster 6 months ago.

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Dec 07, 2014 So I want to know if the F6 should turn on without the battery in the phone while it's plugged in (of course). If it's supposed to turn on without the battery then it will confirm that the charging port is broken. turn on lg phone without battery Feb 24, 2010 Use your phone without a battery. USB phone. . Works for android like charm Duration: 5: 03. Jitender Reddy 239, 663 views