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2019-08-22 05:19

Hulu is taking advantage of iOS 9s new pictureinpicture functionality to let you watch TV shows while performing other tasks. The streamer is the first major video service to include the new feature, which is only available on the latest iPads, for its recent iOS 9 app update. For Hulu usersSep 16, 2015 The pictureinpicture video mode in Apple's iOS 9 was practically tailormade for watching TV while you get things done, and Hulu knows it. The streaming service has updated its iOS app with support for PIP viewing, letting you revisit Seinfeld at the same time as you check Facebook. This probably ipad hulu picture in picture

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This new iOS 9 feature allows you to play your favorite show on Hulu, for example, down in the corner of your screen as you browse through Safari. Or, watch that cute kitten video you saved to Pocket while you see whats new on the AppAdvice app. Once you start playing the video, just select the With the launch of iOS 9, Hulu can now take full advantage of pictureinpicture to keep on watching content.ipad hulu picture in picture Goodbye productivity! How to get pictureinpicture for Netflix and Hulu on your Mac Netflix and Hulu don't support Sierra's PiP feature, but you can still watch movies with a tiny popout window!

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This week Hulu brought back a muchdemanded feature to their iOS app: picture in picture. Once a regular feature in iOS, picture in picture was removed when the new look and feel rolled out. Now, according to a post by the official Hulu Reddit account and confirmed by Cord Cutters News, picture in ipad hulu picture in picture Picture in picture please during browsing Would be great to see what you are currently watching in a small picture in picture, when you go back to the homepage to look for other contentshows. Thanks! !