Android wear application tutorial

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2019-09-16 17:46

Android wear is a platform by Google for wearable devices. It was launched yesterday. For now it is for watches and later it may expand to other wearable lAndroid Wear is a new version of the Android system designed specifically for wearables, We are going to create this kind of application in next tutorial. android wear application tutorial

Android Wear Docs, Release 1. 2 the Android Wear companion app provides a short tutorial that intro Wear. All are Android Studio projects that you can

android wear application

This tutorial documents Android Wear's design principles, the app building blocks, the context stream, cue card, and many other developer topics. Studying new programming language always begins with Hello World program. We are going to do the same and we will create an application for handheld devices that will send Hello World notification to an Android Wearandroid wear application tutorial How to write a simple Android wear app with both developing a simple Android Wear App. Developing for Android is an for this tutorial is

Free Android wear application tutorial