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2019-09-17 22:11

Feb 17, 2016 Let's face it, 16 GB of iPhone storage just doesn't cut it anymore. With all the photos, videos, apps and music that we load onto our phones, filling up 16 GB doesn't take much effort. The two ways people generally combat the storage crunch deleting or splurging are unsavory choices.dtamul, you cannot. you have what you have and there is no way to increase this unless you change the logicboard. Then you would essentially have a different phone altogether. iPhone 5 extend memory iphone 5

Mar 08, 2014 This is a great idea for iPhone customers and knowing that Mophie will likely continue to offer these for the next version of the iPhone, I may just pick up the lowest capacity model knowing that I can expand the memory and get additional battery capacity with a case like this.

extend memory iphone

Wired Solutions to Extend iPhoneiPad Memory. Hardwired solutions are coming with 2 different technologies. One solution to extend iPhone memory is the Flash memory stick that can directly connect to iPhone or iPad Lightning USB post. The second option is the battery extended pack with additional memory for iPhone. Doing that would require having memory that fits the iPhone, opening the iPhone's case, and removing and resoldering the phone's electronics. Even if you have the skills, that would void the iPhone's warranty and expose it to damage. Obviously, this is risky at best and destructive at worst. Don't do it.extend memory iphone 5 The Apple iPhone, in all its incarnations, has proven to be a very successful smartphone, but it comes with at least one very noteworthy shortcoming: theres no native way to expand your iPhone memory. If you buy the 16GB iPhone 4S, for example, you really only have those 16 gigs of storage available to you, less after you factor in the space

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Mar 14, 2017 SanDisk's iXpand drives can add up to a whopping 256GB extra storage to your iPhone or iPad. SanDisk Not necessarily! External storage devices can give you virtually unlimited extra space for music, movies, photos, documents and other data. And many of them are surprisingly affordable. extend memory iphone 5