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2019-09-17 22:16

From the Chrome menu, choose Tools then Task Manager to see the apps and extensions that are currently running. The Small Print Only apps and extensions that you've explicitly installed are allowed to run in the background a standard Web page cannot continue running after you've closed down the relevant browser tab.Chrome OS 64 enables Android apps to run in the background. The new feature is called Android Parallel Tasks and should allow for better multitasking. You can try out Chome OS 64 now in the beta channel. chrome app running in background

Click on the Chrome menu (or press AltE) Select Settings; Click on the link titled Show advanced settings Under the section headed System untick the box next to Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed To reenable the feature simply repeat the steps above but reversing the final step.

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Silence Chrome or Disable Background Apps Entirely. By. To have apps stop running in Chrome when the browser is no longer executed, Chrome background apps and notifications are now disabled. When Chrome is closed its now truly shut down without any background processes lingering. With the Chrome Notifications feature Chrome needs to run in the background, after all foreground occurances of it have been closed, if one intends on using CloudPrint, and several other apps. But its not, in any case, Chromes running in the backgrond after foreground occurances are closed which makes it privacyviolating and, in effect, app running in background The Chrome icon is not in the notification area, and the option to allow running apps in the background is checked. Those were the suggestions I found on my own when searching for a solution, but it did not help.

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Untick the box Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed. If you want to enable this feature running in the background on your Pc, repeat the steps and tick the box at the end. chrome app running in background Tick the box labelled Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed and Chrome will run in the background again. Stop Google Chrome from Running in the Background on Windows OMG Chrome How can the answer be improved? Tired of Google Chrome running in the background and using up resources, even after you exit the browser? Here's how to stop background apps in Chrome. Feb 16, 2016 2. A menu will pop up. Find Let Google Chrome run in the background and click it to uncheck it.