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2019-09-17 21:57

How to share photos on mobile phones using WhatsApp, such as iPhone, Nokia, Windows phone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Moto or other Android phones?Jul 03, 2015 Hey Guys Whats up! this is CJ Here! , Today I am going to Share a technique that will help you to send music . mp3 using WhatsApp messenger! : Due to windows phone 8 os limitations WhatsApp has windows phone share via whatsapp

Music sharing is one of the most desirable features of WhatsApp Messenger. More so due to the fact that neither iOS nor Windows Phone versions of the app include this feature by default, while Android and other platforms support it.

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HOW TO SHARE AUDIO FILES USING WHATSAPP IN WINDOWS PHONE. In order to share audio files using WhatsApp in Windows Phone, first of Aug 02, 2018 Hi, I am really disappointed with the feature what I have got in Lumia 720, particularly on Whatsapp application. Why we wont get option to share the stuff via whatsapp or any other app (other thanwindows phone share via whatsapp How do I share video through WhatsApp? If your personal video appears in the Gallery(called as Photos in Windows 8. 1 Update), then you can share your videos through WhatsApp. Just go to your chat screen click on the attachment icon, select video button and then choose the video to be shared form Photos(Gallery).

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Share Phone Contacts Via The iMessage Or WhatsApp Interface. Both iMessage and WhatsApp have very similar methods for sharing contacts. But I will start with iMessage. Share Phone Contacts In Your iOS Address Book Via iMessage. So I hear theres this guy called Mark ONeill and he is a REALLY interesting guy to talk to. So windows phone share via whatsapp Share your location via WhatsApp on the phone Internet Location share via mobile phone can help two or more people quickly and easily find each other. We can find this feature in different apps for mobile, such as map apps, messaging apps, etc. If you are an Apple user, you can refer to