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2019-09-22 11:33

A trick to enable battery percentage on iPhone top menu bar battery icon. Here given steps through you can show battery percentage on iPhone 7 (Plus) iOS.Nov 29, 2013 There is no longer an indicator to show when the battery is fully charged in iOS 7 (the little plug next to the battery indicator) It is possible to display the percentage with iPhones. Can it be done with an iPod 5. ipod touch battery percentage ios 7

Just like any other battery powered portable device iPhone, iPad and iPod touch show the current state of the battery in the status bar. However iOS takes the concept of indicating remaining battery power a bit further by displaying it in percentage. How to show or hide battery percentage on iOS. Share; Tweet; Free Up Space On Your Mac

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On the iPhone, to show the percentage of battery left, I can go into Settings General Usage and toggle Battery Percentage on. My daughter's iPod touch doesn't have a Usage category. Is iOS 10 iPod Touch How to Enable Battery Percentage (No Jailbreak) In this video I will show you how to ENABLE BATTERY PERCENTAGE on iPod Touch 5th Generation and iPod Touch 6th Generation. For some reason, it comes with no such feature from Apple and unlike the iPhones, it does NOT have a setting for that on Usage on Settings.ipod touch battery percentage ios 7 2. Go to General, then Usage and Battery Percentage. Change the toggle button to On, in order to enable the battery percentage indicator on your device. It will appear next to the battery icon a the top right of the screen. And that is it, you are done. Turning on the battery percentage toggle switch in iOS 7 and 8 is quite simple.

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The battery percentage indicator is an essential feature to accurately assess the current battery level of your iPhone, iPad (Mini), and iPod Touch. I personally think that Apple should have this feature turned on by default in iOS 7 and iOS 8. ipod touch battery percentage ios 7 Sep 18, 2013  iOS 7; Where is the battery percentage for the 5g iPod Touch? 09: 34 PM. tools. No the iPod touch does not have battery percentage, it never has and probably never will Where is the battery percentage for the 5g iPod Touch