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So I have menu items on action bar. on I want to change the menu items images. How to get menu item id on action bar when other menu item clicked. Ask Question. import and import android. view. Menu; Edit: Here is how you can change both icons on just a single click:I'm trying to change the title of a menu item from outside of the item) method. How to dynamically change menu item text outside of or onCreateOptionsMenu. Ask Question. Android, change title of Menu item programmatically. 0. android menu get selected item

If necessary, you can reorder the menu items with the attribute in each you need to move. The getItemId() method queries the ID for the selected menu item, which you should assign to each menu item in XML using the android: id attribute,

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Get the submenu to be invoked when this item is selected, if it has one. abstract CharSequence: getTitle() Retrieve the current title of the item. abstract Get Android and Google Play news by email Get value of selected item in listview in android. Get listview clicked item on android. Print toast message with list selectedandroid menu get selected item You can't do findViewById() for a menu, because it's a menu, not a view. And you can change menu state when it's being created or prepared. And you can change menu state when it's being created or prepared.

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Identifying the view selected in a ContextMenu (in method) Posted in category: Android Have you ever needed to popup a ContextMenu by longclicking on some of the UI element (different than item in ListView) for example an ImageView instance? android menu get selected item Thanks a lotworking perfectlyActually previously I done many projects using context menu and I had followed this way only. But in this case I was struck. And the way that you have showed is simplest of all, just retrieving the position of the context item clicked. Please post this as answer so I can accept your answer. kgandroid May 9 How to get currently selected menu item, to prevent reopening fragment? BottomNavigationView How to get selected menu item? Ask Question. Android Menu with submenu animated effect. 3. How to call a fragment in Android Studio 1. 4 NavigationDrawer template under item)1. I intend to use quick action for the menu Item, I can get access to the item that is clicked. But the problem is i need to reference a view from the menu item so that i can pass it to the quick action.