Iaff membership application

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IAFF FireFighters. Privacy PolicyIAFF: Membership Services. The IAFF Membership department is the hub for all member and affiliate data. The department maintains membership information for the International, such as rosters for all affiliates including individual membership records for all active and retired members. iaff membership application

First is an IAFF application followed by a request to have payroll forward your union dues to the local (use SF1187). Additionally, there is a 15 initiation fee charged to all new or reinstated members.

iaff membership application

IAFF in Action Member Login You are I MNORMAN LOGOU T Home Breaking News About Us INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE FIGHTERS AFLCIO, CLC STANDING e ONLINE REGISTRATION Checkout Basket Registration Review 1) Instructions for Registration Author: Official website of the International Association of Fire Fighters Alumni: Alumni Homepage Most former IAFF members with an inactiveretired membership status are eligible to participate provided that they retired or left their local in good standing. The final Alumni eligibility decision is at the discretion of the retiree's former union.iaff membership application IAFF Online Store offers quality U. S. and Canadian made merchandise for IAFF members and their families as well as a full line of customizable items for IAFF affiliates. View our Custom Merchandise Catalog. and see what we can customize for your IAFF local. . Can't find what you're looking for?

Free Iaff membership application

Membership Application New Department New Sustaining Department New Member International Department New Individual International Individual New ORGFMO Change of iaff membership application How to Join. Join the IAFF Motorcycle Group Today! You must be an active member, activeretired member, a member of the IAFF Alumni or IAFF HQ Staff Member to join the IAFFMG. You will need your sponsors name, local number and IAFFMG member number in order for your application to be processed. To renew your IAFFMG Associate Membership. A collection of IAFF decals in a wide range of sizes, colors and styles. IAFF Maltese logo decals, diecut decals, decals for IAFF retirees and alumni and even decals you can customize for your IAFF local. The memberships for the Dixie Firefighters Association are classified as Individual and Department level memberships. The cost of memberships are as follows: Departmental Membership 50. 00 per year Individual Members 10. 00 per year With Departmental membership anyone on the department shall attend all Dixie functions and have voting rights. See membership application