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2019-08-22 03:45

This loadingresuming lag even continued for me after getting the official Nokia Lumia Cyan update last week which I honestly expected to sort out the issues since the firmware of the phone was now updated to work better with the final Windows Phone 8. 1Last night after much anticipation, Microsoft released their first beta for the Live Lock Screen app on Windows Phone 8. 1 (see our hands on video). The app is maintaining a 4. 1 (out of 5) rating on the Store, though the biggest complaint by far is the delay when turning on the phone. windows phone 8.1 resuming loading

windows phone 8. 1 RT Zxing. net implementation: issue with 0 How to reinitialize a Windows phone app page after suspend and resume (Prism. StoreApps)

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Windows Phone updates Please, please do NOT ask when your update is coming (unless your phone's update has officially rolled out and your phone isn't getting it and you need help troubleshooting why). Whenever it happens, the phone is unusually hot, drains like ten percent of the battery, and takes up to twenty seconds to load the start screen. I always know it's about to happen, because the phone is already hot, like there's some background process constantly phone 8.1 resuming loading Apps on Windows Phone can launch in a variety of ways. For example, you can launch it directly from the App list, via Cortana, or from email attachments, to name a few. Sometimes, we can experience slowdowns, such as constant resuming or loading indicators when switching between apps

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Jun 26, 2014 Because Windows Phone 8. 1 is a Developer Preview, meaning its not finished (yet). The devices custom firmware hasn't been released yet to take advantage of the speed boost provided by WP8. 1. windows phone 8.1 resuming loading Jan 11, 2016  At last, for everyone having this annoying problem in their windows phone, getting stuck, in the start. (loadingresuming) menu, you just have to Yes, 8. 1 and Cyan are a big leap forwards for this platform, but it has to be said that there's one aspect of Windows Phone that continues to annoy and frustrate just about everyone. The title probably gives the game away having your user experience ruined by continual loading and resuming Several Windows Phone 8. 1 (WP 8. 1) Developer Preview users are reportedly experiencing loading or resuming lag on their handsets even after installing the official final update of WP 8. 1, while some users remain unaffected.